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Privacy Policy



This is the privacy policy of Terra Nuova Oy regarding its customers and potential customers

We value your privacy

All of us value privacy and this is also the case with our customers. However, it is obvious that operating a digital marketing agency would not be possible without collecting some personal data. We are a data controller and we collect and process personal data, especially relating to our customers’ contact and team members. Same thing applies to our potential customers. Legally speaking, personal data is all data relating to and identified or identifiable person. As examples we can mention name, email, phone number and social security number.

Terra Nuova is compliant in processing personal data relating to its customers and potential customers in accordance with this privacy statement and applicable laws, so we suggest that you read this privacy statement with care. This privacy statement can be subject to changes due to changes in our operations or applicable laws.

Terra Nuova is offering digital marketing services. Therefore we also operate as a data processor for corporations we have as a customer. The data processing principles are described in our customers’ privacy policies, so you may need to familiarize yourself with them as well. We have an agreement with each of these customers with minimum data processing provisions, which limits the scope on what we can do with our customers’ personal data.

As Terra Nuova is operating online, it does not have any preferred market in terms of its clients. However, based in European Union, Terra Nuova is aware of its obligation of higher standards of data protection (GDPR) in relation to services offered within the area of European Union.

Data controller

The data controller processing the personal data in accordance with this privacy policy is Terra Nuova Oy (hereinafter also “Terra Nuova”, “us” or “we”):

Terra Nuova Oy

Business ID: 3018133-2

Simontie 6 B 42



Tel: +358 40 742 9523

Terra Nuova’ Data Protection Officer is Rexh Billa. You can use the above contact details also for privacy-related questions and requests.

Why is data collected and the legal basis?

There are predefined purposes for collecting, storing and processing of personal data relating to customers and customer prospects. We make sure that at least one legal basis exists for processing the data. The main purposes and the applicable legal basis are:

Providing and offering of marketing services. As we enter into contracts with organizations and corporations, we collect and process personal data in order to entering into a business relationship and in order to deliver the service to the customer. As the customer relationship goes on, we process personal data especially relating to managing and executing projects, invoicing, debt collection, customer complaints and handling customer feedback. The legal basis for this processing is the commercial contract between Terra Nuova and the customer, but also our legitimate interest.

Marketing and customer communications. As a part of offering our service we conduct marketing and advertising in various ways that requires us to process personal information. Primarily, we perform digital marketing, email marketing and communication, personalized marketing content and social media advertising targeted to potential and existing customers. Our marketing may also be based on automated decisions, algorithms and machine learning and profiles created for social media campaigns, search engine marketing and website content. The legal basis for this processing is mainly our legitimate interest.

Business development. We use personal data in relation to developing our business and website functionality. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interest.

Fulfilling legal obligations. We may also use personal data for fulfilling legal obligations.

Type of collected personal data and sources

The main type of information is related to the personal information of our contact points of customers and customer prospects.

Customers and potential customers

The main source of personal information is provided by the clients themselves by email or by online form ion our website. When it comes to potential customers, the information is collected from public databases and websites. Data is also collected by using Google Analytics. Data is collected during customer relationship.

Typically we collect and process the following personal data relating to customers:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Work phone
  • Employer, its contact details and business ID
  • Nationality
  • Legal basis for processing personal data (contract, consent, legitimate interest)
  • Terra Nuova work (call / email / references / meeting)
  • Call details (when and about what)
  • Meeting details (when and about what)
  • Sales history
  • Email correspondence
  • Marketing opt-in’s / opt-out’s

When prospecting potential customers we may collect similar information but with a much more limited scope.

Processing and transferring of personal data

In order for us to work, people within our organization have access to the personal data.

We use subcontractors in some personal data processing areas, the most relevant being cloud services for data storage as most of our data is in electronic form.

We use subcontractors also in the following matters: marketing automation, marketing campaign building, CRM, accounting and bookkeeping, website hosting, building and analytics and email marketing.

When it comes to these situations, we are committed to make sure to have a written contract with the service provider or subcontractor with minimum data processing provisions. We will also make sure that the personal data is confidentially handled and secured and data is processed and transferred in compliance with the current legislation.

There may be cases in which we are required to provide personal data to a third party to fulfill our contractual obligations or because of a legal obligation or requirement by an official authority. If Terra Nuova is to be part of a merger or acquisition, we may also transfer personal data to a third party.

Storage time of personal data

We are not storing personal data any longer than necessary required by our contract or the legislation. The retention period may vary, for example based on situation or law.

If the basis for processing of personal data was consent, the data will be deleted after the withdrawal of the consent.

We will also delete the personal data if it is based on a person’s request and if we do not have a legal basis for processing personal data that would override the request of withdrawal.

We also update and override out-of-date data from time to time.

How does Terra Nuova store and secure the data?

We store the personal data primarily in electronic form. It is secured in accordance with the industry best practices. We only use reputable service providers that excel in terms of data security.

Access to personal data is secured with safe passwords and user-specific log-in.

Am I required to submit my personal data to Terra Nuova?

In many situations you are not required to submit personal data. However, it is obvious that if you wish to commit to a business relationship with us, we need some of your data to fulfill the contracts. Additionally, potential customers usually have to submit their contact details in order for there to be communication.

How we use Cookies

A cookie is a small file which asks to be placed on your computer’s hard drive. After agreeing, the little file is added and the cookie analyzes the web traffic or lets you know when you are visiting a certain site.

We use traffic log cookies to identifying the pages that our web page visitors are using. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed from the system.

Cookies help us build a better website for you and it has no access to your computer or information of your computer.

You have a choice on whether or not you wish to accept or decline cookies. This, however, may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.

Your rights

Withdraw your consent

When processing your personal data based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent anytime by giving us a notice by contacting us..

Access to data

You have the right to know whether we are processing your personal data or not. You also have the right to know what data we have about you. Additionally, you have the right to some supplemental information about the processing according to the legislation.

Right to have errors corrected

If we have any outdated or inaccurate personal data on you, you have the right to get it corrected by request.

Right to prohibit direct marketing

You can request by contacting us that you do not want your personal information to be used in direct marketing.

Right to object processing

When processing your data based on public interest or our legitimate interest, you may object the processing of your data. However the objection is allowed to the extent that there is no other reason that would override your rights or the processing in not necessary in fulfilling our legal obligations. In these situations we may not be able to continue our business relationship.

Right to restrict processing

You may be, under certain criteria, allowed to restrict the scope of processing of your personal data.

Right to data portability

When we are processing your data based on the consent or fulfilling a contract, you have the right to demand us transferring the data to other service provider in electronic format. 

Using your rights

You are always welcome to use your rights by contacting us or making a complaint to the supervising authority if you consider that your personal data has been unlawfully processed.

Updates to our privacy policy

As our business develops or the relevant legislation changes, we may introduce changes to our privacy statement. We strongly suggest visiting this privacy statement from time to time to keep yourself up-to-date.

Who can you contact in regard to privacy matters?

Terra Nuova Oy

Business ID: 3018133-2

Simontie 6 B 42



Tel: +358 40 742 9523

Terra Nuova’ Data Protection Officer is Rexh Billa. You can use the above contact details also for privacy-related questions and requests.